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My Secretly Hot Husband Manhwa cover

My Secretly Hot Husband

  • 남편이 미모를 숨김, My Secretly Hot Husband, My Husband Hides His Beauty, Nampyeon-i Mimo-reul Sumgim
  • Authors: Jungyeon, Harara
  • Genres: Romance, Reincarnation, Fantasy
Read My Secretly Hot Husband full chapter on ManhuaTop. The nobles whisper and take pity on the lovely yet unfortunate Letitia Grey, who was forced to marry a monster. Considering their contempt for Lord Erden Halstead, no one believes a tender girl should endure a tortuous life with a heinous murderer who must cover his repulsive face. But to everyone's surprise, Letitia rejects even the most handsome of suitors and eagerly returns to her husband. In truth, a woman from Korea inhabits the body of Letitia in this fantasy world. Letitia's uncle promised one of his daughters to the Halsteads, but given Erden's reputation, he sacrificed his niece Letitia instead. While Letitia imagined the vile Erden would eventually kill her, the man she meets is nothing like the rumors. Moreover, when Letitia sees his face for the first time, her knees weaken and tears well up in her eyes—for Erden is the most beautiful man she has ever seen! [Written by MAL Rewrite]. Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhuaTop
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