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Jintian de Ta Yeshi Ruci Keai Manhua cover

Jintian de Ta Yeshi Ruci Keai

  • 今天的她也是如此可爱, My Darling Is the Cutest, She Is Still Cute Today, She Is Also Cute Today
  • Authors: Site Guo
  • Genres: School, Girls Love
Read Jintian de Ta Yeshi Ruci Keai full chapter on ManhuaTop. As the top freshman at Brilliant Minds High, Sadie Cang is surrounded by students who admire her brilliance, yet she lacks a single real friend. Fellow student Lex Qi has long since accepted her own hopeless, "dead last" title, along with everyone's aversion to her seemingly contagious tendency to fail. Although they were both prepared to go through high school in these lonely roles, a silly rumor forced them together. Will an imperfect pairing form the perfect bond they never knew they wanted? (Source: Tapas Media). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhuaTop
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