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Delicious Seasons Manhua cover

Delicious Seasons

Read Delicious Seasons full chapter on ManhuaTop. Xiao Chiu dreams of becoming a great Chinese chef, always has the urge to cook food when she's in the kitchen, and cuts vegetables whenever she has a knife in her hands. Her passion for cooking was rewarded when she found a well-paying job - to be Lei's personal chef for a month. But Lei is arrogant, smokes, has a bad temper... and is very picky about food. He has a sensitive stomach and will throw up if something he ate does not agree with him. He also will not eat anything that doesn't suit his taste. What a hard-to-satisfy guy! Lei just happens to be her classmate, too! Poor Xiao Chiu! Even worse, after one month, having spent day and night together, they develop tangled feelings towards each other! Xiao Chiu feels confused. In seeing the one-month deadline approaching, she decides to run away. But, if she does not cook for him, Lei may get sick again... Xiao Chiu, what are you going to do? (Source: Amazon). Wish you have a pleasant reading experience at ManhuaTop
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